Ride: E & N to Westhills

  1322 km

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Date: December 30
Distance: 40.06
Cyclists: Mike and Tony

Last ride of 2018.  Our plan was a nice spin out the E & N to the Goose and up to Wale Road in Langford.  Almost on a whim we turned off the Goose onto Atkins Ave. and climbed up to the plateau that Langford city is on.  I'd forgotten how steep it was, but once you're up...it's downhill going home.  I wanted to check out the Westhill stadium at the far end of town.  Fortunately Tony had been there and knew how to find it.  Langford is very confusing.  We found the Galloping Goose at the Langford big box stores and headed home.  A good long ride for this time of year.  A little cold at the end as the sun went behind clouds.

I didn't ride as much as I could have, or should have.  I had a late start due to my injury and was very tentative for the early rides.  I'm hoping to stay healthy next year and keep riding all winter.  We'll see.