Ride: E & N to Interurban, Beaver Lake and Sayward hill (over 1000 km)

  1322 km

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Date: November 4
Distance: 49.35
Cyclists: Mike and Tony

Back on the bike after a couple of weeks of mixed weather.  I could have gone several times...but I didn't.  It was a very windy day following a night of wind warnings and 90km west winds.  It eased off during the ride but still had some sting in open areas.  Tony and I met at the Johnson St. bridge and took the usual route up the E & N to the Goose and back to Interurban.  Always a nice ride up Interurban although the traffic was heavier due to our afternoon start.  We rode up the trail past the lakes and crossed the Pat Bay highway at Sayward.  Blasting down the Sayward hill I passed 50 kph.  Fun times.  Back up the Lochside and home.

Av speed: 17.7 kph

Elev gain: 228 meters

Max speed: 52.6 kph