Ride: A rainy Saturday ride

  1322 km

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Date: August 11
Distance: 26.11
Cyclists: Mike and Tony

We had ambitions.  We were going to swing through Esquimalt and then head up to Saanitchton.  But as we were cycling along the E & N I pointed and said to Tony that it was raining in Westshore.  I came to that prediction by looking into the distance and seeing the rain on the hills.  And I was right.  So our ambitious ride turned into a scramble for survival.  Man against the elements.  The first rain in a couple of months and we were in it!  Yikes!  Tony thought he might be melting.  We slipped into our, as it turned out, inadequate rain gear that we had brought in the off chance there was a slight shower.  Soaked through in a couple of minutes in the downpour.  Time to head home.  Wet and beaten.