Ride: Lochside trail to Sidney

  1322 km

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Date: August 4
Distance: 48.65
Cyclists: Mike and Tony

Tony was not working so it must be the weekend.  It's hard to remember when you're retired.  We decided on an afternoon ride and it turned out to be scary.  Too many old people in small red cars with driving issues.  The first woman passed me on a downhill and then swung into the bike lane and stopped.  The second wouldn't enter a roundabout until ALL the traffic was gone, even though she had a clear path.  Cars honked at her.  I managed to swing around and pass her but Tony got caught up by the side mirror of a truck behind her and had to stop.  All worked out in the end and we made it to the marina we were heading for.  Note to self...afternoons are busier on the roads.

Av speed: 19.8 kph

Elev gain: 172 meters