Ride: First ride of the year

  1322 km

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Date: April 27
Distance: 22.98
Cyclists: Mike

First ride of the year.  First ride since Thanksgiving.  The c6-c7 herniation in my neck has pretty much made a bike ride unwise since July, 2017.  I thought I was okay to ride in October.  When Tony was over for Thanksgiving dinner we made plans to ride the next day.  I did 40km and felt good.  That lasted a couple of days and then the nerve pinched again and still hasn't returned to normal.  Fortunately it's just manifesting as numb fingertips so I thought a shorter test ride was in order.  I picked a gentle route with as little climbing as I could manage in Victoria.  Up to Cedar Hill X-road, Gordon Head and back via the Lochside trail to downtown.  The new Johnson St. bridge has a great new bike crossing and it was a nice ride on a warm day.  The bad news...I am in miserable shape.  The good news...I didn't have a heart attack.  And two days later no symptoms have appeared and I only have a crampy calf muscle to complain about.  More rides this week.  I hope.