Ride: Galloping Goose, Interurban to Saanitchton

  1413 km

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Date: July 2
Distance: 65.62
Cyclists: Mike and Tony

Dressed in my Canadian flag socks and a red shirt I was ready for a slightly delayed Canada Day ride.  Tony picked a modified route...E & N to the Goose.  Goose to Interurban and eventually to Saanitchton.  It was a nice ride, cool in the shade and just warm enough in the sun.  We turned for home and headed back on the Lochside.  Then Tony had the bright idea to change the route and go up the San Juan greenway and down through the university.  A 60km ride for me turned into 65 and I'm sure Tony must have done 70km by the time he got home.  The distance was okay but there might have been a couple of climbs too many.  But we made it and it must be good for us.

Ave. speed: 18.7

Elev. gain: 324 meters