Ride: Dallas Road to View Royal

  335 km

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Date: March 22
Distance: 30.77
Cyclists: Mike

A mid-week ride on a nice Wednesday before the cold front arrives.  I felt really good after riding the previous Saturday so I headed out at my normal riding speed.  In fact, I was going around 5K faster that usual up the Goose to the Swing bridge.  Sort of pushing it.  I realized when I hit the bridge that I had nothing left in the tank.  It's a short, steep climb and I usually just blast up it in a big gear.  Not today.  I ended up spinning a tiny gear to the top and was pooped.  I should have turned around...but of course I didn't.  Out the Goose to the bridge of the Trans-Canada Hwy and down to Portage Park.  The problem with descending to sea level is that you have to climb back up again.  Wow.  I realized that I had bonked.  I had no food with me so it was a long ride back home with no energy.  Lesson learned.