Ride: Lochside school to Saanichton & Sidney

  865 km

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Date: July 1
Distance: 44.51
Cyclists: Mike & Tony

The annual Canada Day bike ride.  And a perfect day for it...a slight breeze and 20c.  The ride to the airport was uneventful but we didn't factor in the Canada Day festivities in Sidney.  Cars everywhere.  And tons of cyclist as we got closer to lunchtime.  People parking and walking...long streams of them.  Better them than me. 

On the ride home I was overtaken by a cyclist who was admiring my Mt. Ventoux jersey.  He has actually cycled up Ventoux instead of driving up in a Volkswagen Golf like I did.  Anyway, I bought the jersey and he didn't.  Ha!  I did admire his bike though.  He had a custom Seven made from titanium.  Mucho bucks.

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