Ride: Mt. Doug loop

  865 km

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Date: April 24
Distance: 23.48
Cyclists: Mike

My original plan was to drive up to Lochside School and ride out to Sidney.  But it didn't get as warm as expected and it was windy.  So, back on the 29er for a local ride.  And still dressed like it was February.  I meandered through the university a bit and then stopped and watched some old people playing co-ed soccer at a pitch on the San Juan trail.  That was fun.  Just before the bridge over the gorge I decided to do a bit of exploring and wandered through a waterfront development I'd never seen before and then home on city streets.  Best done on a Sunday.

Horribly out of shape after a month, I pledged to ride more.  And now two days later I have a pinched nerve, or something, and have lost much of the feeling in my right arm.  Is that connected to the ride?  Who knows.