Ride: Dallas Road To E & N

  865 km

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Date: March 4
Distance: 32.01
Cyclists: Mike & Tony

After the flat and long walk home I decided to get new tires.  I ended up with cheap, old tech Specialized knobbies.  I went into the bike shop expecting to spend $75 each and left with two $35 tires.  They look about perfect for what I want to use them for, which is light trail riding.  The more expensive tires had superior sidewalls but nothing better under the treads for flat protection.  They look indestructible.  Unlike me.  After cleaning the bike, changing the tires, having a tube explode, walking over to the bike shop for new tubes, etc, etc.  I felt old and creaky.  I didn't feel good on the bike and left Tony at a short turn around point.  He enjoyed the ride we'd planned and I limped home.  Not 65 any more I guess....