Ride: Seashore to Mt. Doug loop

  865 km

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Date: February 5
Distance: 31.25
Cyclists: Mike & Tony

Dry and +8c.  Down to the water and along Beach Drive.  Haven't done that one in ages.  A nice ride through the golf course and past the Oak Bay marina.  Just past the University we bumped into a slightly lost cyclist and took him along with us to the Lockside.  Turns out he was a former Blue Bomber from the 80's.  Didn't recognise his name but he said he played on the 1988 Grey Cup team.

Home through downtown and the asshole protesters.  Honking their horns none stop.  Young men four to a truck, hanging out the windows yelling at people.  I realized they were just like the guys I knew in East Kildonan.  Bored and driving around hoping to impress girls.  Good luck guys.