Ride: You're not 65 anymore Mike!

  1528 km

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Date: November 16
Distance: 39.79
Cyclists: Mike & Tony

So little riding has toasted the legs.  Tony was looking fresh at the turn around point but he's got 3 times as many kilometers under his belt this year.  And it was cold.

So there we were, out for a bike ride after a huge rainstorm.  A record setting pineapple express that has led to a state of emergency in B.C.  All of the roads connecting the lower mainland, and by extension Vancouver Island, have been washed out or destroyed by landslides.  There are washed out highways here on the Island too.  None of that was in evidence in the parts of Victoria and Saanich we saw.  Just a couple of places on the trail with a bit of standing water.  This could get ugly but it hasn't yet.  Still gas in the pumps and food on the shelves...for now.  And my Louis Garneau cycling order shipped today.  I wonder how it is going to get here??