Ride: E & N...Portage Park...Goose...Dallas Road...Douglas and Vancouver

  1528 km

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Date: June 24
Distance: 29.74
Cyclists: Mike

Ride 2 of my restart.  I felt good after Monday's ride and decided to go for a short spin today.  In View Royal I changed my route on a whim and went to Portage park.  In the opposite direction we've gone previously.  Sat and enjoyed the strong south wind blowing across the cool water.  It supposed to go as high as 37c this weekend.  As always, cooler by the sea.

I rode back to the Goose and instead of heading home up the Pandora bike route, I turned right and went along Wharf to the harbour and over to Dallas Road.  The new bike route has been completed since I biked up there last so I checked it out.  Bailed at Douglas, down to Southpark and up Vancouver...which also has bike infrastructure recently finished.  A new ride.  I enjoyed it.