Ride: Interurban to Saanitchton

  2221 km

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Date: June 28
Distance: 53.22
Cyclists: Mike & Tony

After a very windy and cool Saturday, Sunday promised light breezes and warmer temps.  And so it was.  Tony and I had last don the Interurban rail trail a month ago.  There was a 100 meter stretch that was blocked and we had to trespass our way through.  Surely it was finished by now.  Nope.  Turned out they are building a pumping station or something and it was still fenced.  So we went around the fencing, didn't fall in the holes and made out way back to the trail.  Nothing gets finished on time here.  There's a major road interchange that was supposed to be done in late 2018 that is still looking like it'll never be completed.  But I diverge.  Not that I have much more to add......