Ride: Interurban to Beaver Lake and Saanitchton

  2221 km

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Date: April 10
Distance: 52.40
Cyclists: Mike & Tony

The plan, insofar as we had one, was to ride up Interurban and see if the rail trail construction was finished and then possibly ride to Brentwood Bay.  It wasn't.  The construction that is.  So we took a detour through Beaver Lake and climbed up Oldfield to Keating X-Road and on to Saanitchton.  The trail around Beaver and Elk lakes was in terrible shape, made worse by the skinny tires on my road bike.  Add a bunch of climbing, a nasty headwind on the way home and the longest ride of the year and you get not much fun.  I'm still paying for it 3 days later.