Ride: E & N to Goose and Langford

  2221 km

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Date: March 16
Distance: 40.00
Cyclists: Mike & Tony

So.  Two weeks since the last ride and a lot has changed.  Back from Redmond and Vancouver.  I've come down with Susan's cold.  We've self isolated for 2 weeks.  The world has changed a lot, in disturbing ways.  And now it's warmer and time for a ride.  Tony was "working from home" due to the Covid-19 lockdown so we set out for some healthy exercise and social distancing.  Both the E & N and the Goose had different sorts of users than I've noticed before.  Lots of families walking and many more cyclists than there should be on a Monday afternoon.  We both had to shed a layer of clothing...a sign spring is coming.