Ride: Rain again...and a crazy person

  2243 km

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Date: September 22
Distance: 30.38
Cyclists: Mike & Tony

An interesting ride today.  I was originally planning to bail due to the forcast and the intermittent rain.  Tony talked me into a later departure so off we went.  It started to rain pretty good by the time we met at the blue bridge.  So on with the helmet covers and into the gathering clouds.  My new rainjacket works really well.  My fenders on the Marin don't.  Gore-tex shoes don't keep your feet dry, although they do keep the water in.  Squish!  Then, I was screamed at by a guy pushing a shopping cart on the E & N trail.  Then he rammed me with the cart.  I turned around and asked if he was fucking crazy and he screamed back "YES!!"  So I moved.  And he rammed me again.  A couple of minutes later I got glass in my front tire.  I was beginning to think it wasn't my day.  But then the rain let up, we removed our helmet covers and all was well.  Yikes.