Ride: Oak Bay seashore to Mt. Doug loop, Goose to Langford, E & N

  2243 km

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Date: May 26
Distance: 46.28
Cyclists: Mike and Tony

Our Saturday ride was washed out by heavy rains.  Susan and I had gone down to Clover Point to watch the start of the SwiftSure race in misty drizzle in the morning.  And then it poured in the afternoon.  So Tony and I rode on Sunday.  It was cool but sunny.  We met down the hill and headed over to Beach drive to do some shorefront.  And ran right into the Oak Bay half-marathon.  The marshalls didn't seem to care there were cyclists on the course, so we rode it.    The up side was no cars.  The downside was runners who knew there were no cars.  So they ran in the middle of the road.  We got away from them as soon as we could and did our usual Mt. Doug...San Juan Parkway ride.  Over to the Lochside and then the Goose to Wale Road.  Back on the E & N...and Bob's your uncle.  Home for a shower and off to the Highlanders's game.