Ride: Galloping Goose to E & N trail

  2243 km

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Date: April 21
Distance: 26.52
Cyclists: Mike and Tony

So it's Easter Sunday and the wind is blowing but it seems warm up where I live.  So. shorts...arm warmers and a vest over a jersey.  Don't want a repeat of the sweaty friday ride. We were planning a long ride up Interurban to Brentwood Bay, but when Tony arrives on the bridge he's riding his 1980's vintage road bike.  It turns out the rubbing brakes issue was caused by a broken spoke.  So the longer ride turns into a familiar loop up the Goose to the E & N trail and home.  And the wind!  It was in our faces in ever direction we rode.  It was blowing up the strait and into the harbours.  Since we were always riding toward water on our loop we were also riding toward the wind.  It felt like cycling in southern Manitoba.  And I was glad to get home after the shorter ride since I underdressed and was cold.  Can't win.