Ride: Elk Lake...Saanitchton...back via Lochside trail

  1413 km

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Date: May 28
Distance: 39.22
Cyclists: Mike and Tony

Another sunny day, and a lot warmer.  Shorts and cycling jersey warmer.  We headed out on one of my favorite rides, around Elk Lake.  Its got some good climbs, low traffic roads and nice scenery.  Some sort of fun run was happening at Elk lake and we got caught up in traffic and groups of people in costumes but got through okay.  At the end of the park trail I had an almost crash as a dog walked in front of me while I was going downhill on gravel.  I managed to stay upright but scared the poor dog.  She finally came back to her owner and I let her smell my hand.  She still looked worried.  We continued on, up the hill that never ends and later the usual terrifying downhill...my least favorite part.  We stopped at a sea front landing with a bench for a break and I discovered that a tire had gone flat while we rested.  It was a tiny bit of wire.  First flat since I got the new tires.  Got it fixed and we headed back up Lochside along with dozens of other riders.

Ave. spead: 17 kph

Elev. gain: 197 meters