Ride: Lochside trail to Sidney

  1413 km

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Date: April 30
Distance: 47.90
Cyclists: Mike and Tony

Lots of big groups of cyclists along the Lochside trail on a cool and windy Sunday.  Our plan was to add the Flightline trail to the ride out to Sidney.  Riding over the highway on the bike/pedestrial overpass was terrifying.  My fear of high places and falling to my death while teetering on a bike with lowish side rails over vehicles going 100kph was bad.  But the payoff was good...a nice spin on a paved trail with some nice views.  Then into Sidney where we watched the ferry to Annacortes arrive along with three war canoes and many small boats.  Beautiful setting.

Elevation rise: 176 meters

Av. speed: 18.1kph