Ride: Elk Lake...Saanitchton...back via Lochside trail

  1413 km

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Date: April 16
Distance: 34.77
Cyclists: Mike and Tony

An interesting ride.  We parked along the Lochside trail and rode to Royal Oak and up to Elk Lake.  There was a strong headwind and a nasty hill on  Elk lake Road.  But the wind went away when we got into the woods and around the lake on the paved trail.  Lots of dogs walking people.  Tony was chased by a dog on the trail which prompted the story of my being chased by the chihauhau on Rebeck road a few years ago.  Terrifying!  Anyway...after exiting the park we climbed up an endless hill on Oldfield before a nice spin to Saanitchton.  From there a drop down the hill to the Lochside trail and back to the car.