Ride: Lochside trail to Island View Road

  1413 km

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Date: January 28
Distance: 43.08
Cyclists: Mike and Tony

A little cooler than last Saturday, around 4-5c, and cloudy.  I met Tony at the start of the Harte trail and we took the north fork to the Lochside trail.  It seems flatter but I still climbed 173 meters.  It's the third ride of the month so perhaps my legs are getting stronger.  We were passed by several pelotons of young and fitter cyclists on road bikes as well as a few groups of older riders.  They seemed less in a hurry.  In any case there were a lot of bikes out the last Saturday in January.  The percentage of women riding is much higher than in Winnipeg.  Better, less dangerous roads here.  And perhaps a little less testosterone.

A good ride but the legs are feeling it.