Ride: Beach Drive to UVic

  1413 km

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Date: January 14
Distance: 20.00
Bike: Marin 29er
Cyclists: Mike and Tony

First ride of the year and my first ride in Victoria since our move here. And, the first time riding a bike in Canada in January. Only crazy people ride in Winnipeg in the winter as far as I am concerned. I met Tony at the corner of Richmond and Fairfield on a cold Saturday morning, riding my Marin 29er. It was a sunny +2c and staggered up to +4 or +5 much later in the day. My Garmin packed it in halfway through the ride so the 20k is a good guestimate. Tony and I meandered though Oak Bay, stopping at the Marina and Cattle Point for photo ops. We climbed up to UVic on a search for exotic Italian bike frames with limited success. After a quick descent back down into the city I headed home with a sore butt and some pretty cold bits where I had not layered enough.